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isa bio inglesFirst of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to go through this website.

Well, I am just like you, the person who is reading these lines, a human being whom the universal drift has caused to be alive at this concrete historical moment. The human journey has invited me to be busy and concerned with some questions instead of others. There are still so many open questions and I am going to share with you those I am busy with more deeply. I will also tell you a bit about how they emerged. The purpose of telling you this is to find like-minded people who may have the same concerns and who would like to join energies.

Along my professional career as a lawyer mainly in the renewable energies sector, the following issues affected me quite intensely and drew out some of my questions. To summarise them, one of them was the small margin left for creativity in the daily exercise of my profession which triggered a sort of stiffness in many of my natural capacities. Another issue was that as a lawyer my job was to behave as a defensive weapon against potential threats that the company might suffer.  Yet another issue was the terrible patriarchal environment in which the practice of the legal profession is embedded. Finally, the fact that I felt quite insignificant as a citizen when I witnessed how the legal framework regarding renewable energies was modified in Spain and also how that sector was destroyed, causing the unemployment of all the people who were working within it all over Spain. This was followed by the approval of a law which taxes the sun hindering the expansion of the use of renewable energies.

Some questions began to emerge then such as:

  • Isn't there a way through which I could offer my qualities and capacities to society?
  • Am I so insignificant that I cannot influence the legal framework which shapes our daily life?
  • Isn't it possible to understand legal professional as peacemakers and as agents of change?
  • Is it possible to figure out a way to turn the patriarchal structures flexible again and ready for transformation towards a society which includes us all?

All these questions led me to take the decision to go back to University and study Fine Arts. My purpose was to wake up those faculties that had been discarded because they were not productive from an economical point of view. How many qualities are being ignored for that reason?

While studying Fine Arts and specifically the expanded concept of art or social sculpture (please find more information about this concept under Warm Law), I understood how I could add my creative faculties to my initial profession of law. With this hope I moved to Oxford to pursuet an MA in Social Sculpture which I finished with an artistic process called 'Conversations with the Planet'. Through this process I confront the natural order to the legal system by means of a sensorial observation. The satisfaction gained by this work and the interest shown by the participants who saw how they could have a voice and a personal opinion to change the legal frame, took me to apply with this work for a PhD at Westminster University. The PhD proposal has been accepted by the School of Law and the School of Media, Arts and Design. I will begin the PhD in January 2017 if I am lucky.

Finally, I would like to mention that I was living in Madrid during the so called 15-M or Anti-austerity Movement. This experience together with all I told you before motivated me to create this platform to gather all those who believe in our capacity to trigger social change. Everyone is welcome to take part whether you have a legal or artistic background or not. It is about creating projects and/or proposals towards a sustainable social structure in tune with everyone needs and the needs of the planet.

If you like the idea I would be very happy to hear from you. Please just click Contact on my website.