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From some scientific discoveries which took place at the beginning of the last century, the mechanistic and materialistic paradigm through which we understood the mind and the body as two separated and different realms; the universe as something divided into building blocks; and the universe as something with no purpose, has been finally overcome. Scientists observed with surprise that what we call matter is not composed of tiny blocks but by patterns of interconnection whose behaviour depends on the observer's perspective. This has enabled us to understand something that was already understood in ancient eastern philosophy, that is, the role the observer plays in the transformation of reality.

By virtue of these findings, we began to observe the universe (also from a legal perspective) as a whole, as a unity in which everything is interconnected and which is impossible to fragment. This invites a fascinating reflection about many legal concepts including borders; private property boundaries; individuals defending a freedom apparently threatened by the freedom of other human beings; contracts constituting strong defensive walls, and sometimes battle fields between parties.This labels try to embed and organise the forces of nature under the hegemony of a state and insist upon an understanding of nature as a resource to be exploited by man and ultimately, it will be argued a legal science which supports an anthropocentric view of the cosmos.

The way of understanding the law that I call Warm Law is part of a movement that is taking place all over the world in which professionals of the law are working from a holistic understanding of legal thought, of the study of the law, legal practice and of legal system.


This movement is known as The Integrative Law Movement and is formed by innovative lawyers who are offering very different perspectives of an ecological and sustainable development and vision of the law in tune with the needs of our society, of the people, of the non human dwellers of the planet and of the Earth, our home. J. Kim Wright, lawyer, writer, coach and author of 'Lawyers as Peacemakers' and 'Lawyers as Changemakers, the Global Integrative Law Movement' leads the movement and is responsible for gathering all the initiatives under the same umbrella. Kim connect us, reminding us that there are many of us working for this transformation.

Kim asks this question: What if a lawyer was a peacemaker, someone who solves problems and heals conflicts? She explains it herself in the video above.

For more information you can download a pdf by Kim in which she explains the scope and the different areas which are emerging within the movement worldwide.