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The concept of Warm Law is a synthesis between Law and Social Sculpture. It results from perceiving, feeling, understanding and living the Law from the perspective of an expanded concept of art. Neither Warm Law nor Social Sculpture are realms to be assimilated just from reason or from a theoretical perspective but they demand a conscious and careful participation through which one will be completely involved. They also demand our conviction that through our imagination we are able to change reality.

The expanded concept of art or Social Sculpture was coined by the German artist Joseph Beuys in 1960's. Beuys defined it as follows: 'As an anthropological concept, the term art refers to universal creative abilities. They manifest themselves in medicine or in farming, just as they do in education, law, economics, or administration.' (Beuys in Stachelhaus, 1991, pp. 61-62). In this sense, Beuys understands that every human being is an artist, i.e., a being intrinsically creative and able to display this capacity on every daily activity.

Social Sculpture is concerned with finding new transformative forms and observes the human being as a force able to trigger the needed movement towards transformation.

Warm Law is about identifying those legal and political structures which have become rigid, fossilized and frozen in order to warm them up and return them to life, movement and flexibility. It is not about discarding what is obsolete and disregarding its value but it is about transforming it so that it tunes in with the needs of our society and of the planet. The structure that is now old and decayed was once new and therefore it still has its original creative energy in it.

The law cannot develop in an abstract way any longer nor in a way that is disconnected from its subject matter nor based on assumptions which have nothing to do with the reality of a ever-changing diverse and living world. This world is a conscious and living entity which cannot be framed within a preconceived and rigid structure based on financial interests drawn out from a spreadsheet. In this way the legal system grows out of tune from its origin and generates a society alienated from its own nature and disconnected from the natural environment from which it comes and to which it belongs.sol inicio 3

As you can read under Context, we are able to transform reality through our perspective, our attitude and our way of thinking. This fact should trigger in us the responsibility which each of us has in the construction and evolution of reality. It is the human being who has created the legal system and it is for him/her therefore to change it.

Therefore, Warm Law requires everyone's collaboration towards the development of a human society able to coexist in peace within itself and with the planet.

We invite you to take part in whatever way which is suitable for you. Under the button Participate you will find the programmes that we are offering but we'll be very happy to receiving your suggestions, initiatives and ideas. The universe is in constant expansion precisely due to the creative force of the beings which integrate it. You can start the transformation today, right now, in this very moment if you just dare to look at yourself and at the world from the heart.

For those who would like to learn more about Social Sculpture please visit the website of the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University.