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On this page you will find information about artistic initiatives from several artists in which we have participated and the we can recommend you. Here you will find a link to their websites where you can learn more about their work or get in touch with them. 

Festival Human Organising Project 2016

The Festival of Human Organising is a celebration of humans’ ability to self-organise to achieve what they can’t achieve on their own.  It aims to be participatory, inclusive and fun.

We took part in this project with Isabel Añino's social sculpture process Conversations with the Planet. I was very exciting to know that we were joining our creativity and energies towards a new way or understangin human organisation.


Axel Ewald - Environmental Artist and Social Sculptor

I was also very lucky to take part at one of Axel's social sculpture processes at the SSRU in Oxford. Axel Ewald's expertise includes artistic practice in a wide variety of fields, conception, design and execution of environmental and community-based art projects, as well as teaching and environmental consultancy. You can learn more about Axel's work by visiting his web at


Luisa Spina - Multidisciplinar Artist and Social Sculpture Practitioner

I was delighted to take part in her social sculpture process called Small Gatherings for Big Thoughts as she was living in Oxford. This small gatherings for big thoughts are a sort of micro-lab for democracy. We recommend you to visit her website and read what happens in these small gatherings with some peculiar ingredients...

For further information about Luisa's work you can visit her website at:


Chris Bemrose - Social Sculpture Practitioner and Management Consultant.

I enjoyed very much Chris's Project  Working from the Heart while living in Oxford. It is a fascinating project which actually let one feel the essence of what we are made of and how if we manage to connect with it we wiil be exclusively able to act from love.


Susanne van der Meer - Artist and Lawyer

Susanne is one of the participants of  the Integrative Law Movement. She is doing a remarkable work through which she approaches the legal profession and organisations with drawing and visual thinking. We leave you here with some of her websites: