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Logo artecercacercarte

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María Jesús Abad Tejerina
PhD Fine Arts Lecturer at Rey Juan Carlos University Madrid.

'The workshop in a circle has a positive impact in the people. Through the open dialogue we are able to identify and name issues which concern to our community. This way we are able to reflect about them and to offer solutions which are rich in approaches for a better way of living.

8c2673 5ca9f09879354cfab179fa84723ed4e0 Olga Isla Ayuso Economist
An approach to ourselves and to others from creativity. It is a proposal about collective participation in which an artistic view able to attend to questions from our daily life which are very often not identified spontaneously emerges. It has been a very positive experience.
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Nuría Delgado Navalpotro
PhD Escultora y Docente

Art is word; Word is idea; Idea is volume and volume is sculpture. Sculpture is social and needs the word and the idea as volume to transform art. The best way to get to this metamorphosis is to have a dialogue with all minds which take part in this change. To bring art and ideas closer through a multitude of changing minds is to arrive to the impossible. This magnificent project that is carrying out artecercacercarte by the hand of Isabel Añino.

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Ana Martín Tapia
English Teacher at EOI Madrid Community.

In her project artecercaacercarte - a pun on words that could be somehow translated as 'artapproachtoapproachingart' - artist, Isabel Añino, makes us reflect on various issues and pose questions from different views to the usual ones. I believe her project could be an interesting proposal for a fun corporate event or team building activity since it encourages motivation, creativity and the exchange of ideas.

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Ana Belén Hernando Espada
Licenciada in Fine Arts and Restoration Student (UCM).

A way of practical and divergent education. The implementation of direct democracy from an artistic perspective.

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Noelia Acedo Benito
BA in Fine Arts (UCM)

The experience allowed me to learn another perspectives about art and life, to learn from others and to find out the variety of thought that lives in our society.

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Raquel Abad Gómez
PhD Fine Arts Lecturer at University Rey Juan Carlos Madrid

The project artecercacercarte is an opportunity to ensure the existence of structures for participation to common benefit in all possible fields. In the field of education which is the one of most interest to me, the project fosters to break traditional hierarchies within the classroom and to impulse actual changes towards democratization through active, creative and efficient participation of all members from the community.

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Beatriz Burgos Sancho
Licenciada in Fine Arts (UCM)

Isabel's project gather people and bring art closer to life. It is a very interesting and efficient proposal which brings art and artistic practice to education, companies and people. Participant's collaboration in the form of a conversation brings one to a series of thoughts through which one arrives to the conclusion of the need to build up a better society.

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Gema Sánchez Martín

The lived experience thanks to Isabel's proposal has taken me to recall latent faculties which I wouldn't give credit and which I have incorporated now to my daily professional tasks. Through the perspective offered by this project I had the opportunity to live art as a capacity inherent to every human being, and therefore, as a mainstay of a new economical approach.

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Victoria Martín López

Art as a tool to shape human groups, the imagination and creativity as a base for social organisation are key ideas in this social sculpture project. An ambitious and difficult proposal but fascinating at the same time. I take part on it because I share the certainty that artistic experiences draw out the best from us and they also allow us to share it with others.

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Patricia Garzón Sánchez
Artist and Drawing Teacher at the Secondary School IES Columela (Cádiz)

I think that all those who were there last Wednesday sharing a delicate conversation felt wrapped the same way by the emotion of the discovery, because creation was available to be reached. And it was not something strange but it was as easy and necessary as to breath. At the same time it was so unique and special as magic.
To state that every human being is an artist where he or she wants it or not is not a call to a vulgarization of art, but a warning so that every person takes possession of his or her own power and exercises with all its consequences.
To state that only a few, very few, have the gift of creation is giving oneself to impotence, to escape from life and to blindly destroy nature. We need the poet, we want him or her to look at us and to talk to us. And this is only the beginning.
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Rosa Olea
Multidisciplinary Artist

The workshops was very interesting most of all because even within friends we tend to avoid deep conversations. This is maybe the reason why we talked about the speed of our daily life. It is great that people who don't know each other are able to take the time to stop and express themselves without having the feeling that they are giving the lecture.
After the process I found myself reflecting about what we talked about. I think that to be able to express ourselves through a poetic language we need more time and I would be delighted!