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artecercacercarte is a social sculpture project in which we work from art as a capacity inherent to every human being. Through our imagination we are able to reshape our environment and to introduce the change. It is about remembering y and turn back to use the creative organs which we all have in order to maximise the human capacities to benefit everyone. We foster, in this sense, creativity, the faculty of permanent learning, dialog skills and collaborative ways of working through several artistic process which we implement with people and within organisations.

It is about seeing human organisations as living organisms, learning from its processes and behaviour and shaping its form so that they remain organic instead of abstract and alienated from human and environmental needs.

We propose imagination as the basis of social organisation and as a complement to mainstream scientific and economic criteria which are normally taken into account as dominant criteria.


Human knowledge comes from art (Joseph Beuys).

Download artecercacercarte workshops' portfolio [PDF]


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