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On this page we inform you about some processes that we are carrying out with different groups of people. Through these processes, we draw out questions that are barely asked because their answer is just taken for granted. However we relate to those questions, and concepts, on a daily basis though. The group process works as a mirror and helps to reshape these questions, and concepts, that are fossilized.

One of the processes we work with is called 'Conversations in a Circle'. It is inspired by the pedagogic tool used by the German artist Joseph Beuys during his lectures at the Free International University (FIU). It was also used by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire who called them 'Culture Circles' and they were aimed at fostering horizontal learning.

Participants are invited to reconsider, or reflect upon, ideas and concepts of their daily life that are taken for granted without ever questioning them. We accept these ideas, concepts exactly as we receive them from education, social environment or media, for instance. In this way they turn into habits or customs or social conventions and so they are very likely to become part of the legal body. During these gatherings we reshape those concepts suggested by the participants by means of our imagination, drawing, dialogue and the careful attention we pay to others. There is no right or wrong. All comments are careful listened to and equally taken into account.

We are also gathering a group to put in practice 'Bohmian Dialogues' following the proposal of the American physicist David Bohm. He describes in his book 'On Dialogue' a concrete methodology aimed at fostering communication and overcoming the social conditioning which blocks it so that communication flows in a peaceful and constructive way.