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cplanetIn this section, we will keep you informed about projects through which the disconnection worldwide between the law and nature will be made evident. It is about projects which stress the pressing need of waking up and becoming aware of this issue. It is also about reacting and working together towards the development of a legislation in tune with the urgent demands of the planet.

The social sculpture process called 'Conversations with the Planet' designed and implemented by Isabel Añino Granados is an example of this kind of project.
'Conversations with the Planet' consists of a silent walk through nature during which participants will undertake a careful observation of the four classical constituent elements of nature: EARTH, WATER, AIR and FIRE. Along the walk participants will have the opportunity to share the experience with the group so that we can enrich and learn from each other. This process has been implemented in UK and in Spain, triggering very similar reactions among people.

For further information please visit the artists blog at this link: Conversations with the Planet.